A team composed of
students from various courses at
the University of Lisbon, who
share the same passion: electric
competition motorcycles








The TLMoto is involved in a major competition:
MotoStudent, an international university competition,
based in Spain. The team has also participated
in the Campeonato Nacional de Velocidade, a
professional competition that takes place in Portugal.


MotoStudent is an engineering competition in which different teams of university students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the development of a sports motorcycle. It consists of two phases: MS1, where teams are evaluated as projects through a series of reports and presentations, and MS2, held in Aragon, where each prototype is tested and given the opportunity to compete. The team made its debut in the competition in 2014, at a time when only the combustion category existed. However, it was the emergence of the electric category that motivated the team to focus on these types of models.


The team has three prototypes built. The first,
a combustion one (TLM01i), was completed in 2014,
and has been continuously developed and
improved up to the present, and the second, already
electric (TLM02e), completed in 2018. In 2021, the
construction of the third prototype, the
second electric one (TLM03e), was completed

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