Group of students from Tecnico Lisboa focused on designing, building and competing with electric motorcycles.

A team formed by students from several courses of Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, that share the same passion: electric sports motorcycles. Together, the team designs, builds and competes with the developed prototypes.

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At the moment, TLMoto is enrolled in one competition: MotoStudent, an international students competition located in Spain. The team as also participated on the National Speed Championship, a professional competition whose races take place in Posrtugal.

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The team has three finished prototypes. The first prototype (TLM01i), a combustion model, was finished in 2014, and has been continuously developed and improved since then; the second one (TLM02e), an electric model, was put together in 2018. Finally, our most recent prototype (TLM03e), also electric, was finished in 2021.

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80 Members in the Team
6 Championships Participations
3 Finished Prototypes

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What do our members have to say?

Being part of TLMoto has marked many students over the years. From the oldest to the most recent, our members have a lot to tell about their experience on the project.